Who is JustJanToo?

Well, my friends – I am Jan. You may know me from our Facebook group which was created on 17th March, 2019.

This came from nowhere. I had been living in Cumbria with my husband, Ian until on 21st October, 2018 he died without any warning. This was extremely traumatic, not only for me, but for our son, Tim who lived with his partner and their four month-old baby in Liverpool.

It became very quickly apparent that I wouldn’t be able to remain in my home, as I am disabled and need to have assistance on a regular basis. We were fortunate in finding a small flat that I could rent which was less than ten minutes from Tim’s home.

I moved here on 21st December, 2018, just two months after my husband died. I had a huge amount of support, not only from Tim and Hannah, but also from an online knitting group of which I was, and still am, a member.

One of the ladies who was also a member of the same group, by pure luck, lives less than 100 yards from here and came to see me after the first few days. Another online friend from the group jollied me along when I was feeling down. I continued writing posts for the group, updating them with my progress and then one day, one of the members suggested that I should write a blog.

A name was suggested and the blog started, with the help of a friend of Tim who created the blog and added the posts for me. A short time later someone suggested that I start a Facebook group, and with assistance from a dear online friend, this seemed to happen instantly. Now the group has around 250 members and is thriving well.

A short time ago I decided I would like to have control over the blog and not need to rely on someone else to add the posts for me. That is where I am now up to – starting a blog – continuing the same story, but under my control.

It’s lovely that you’ve found me – please stay with us for a while. You may think I’m writing rubbish, and you’re probably correct – but it is my rubbish and I retain the right to print it.

I look forward to reading your comments.

As Always –

With Love – Jan xx

Let’s build something together.

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