Mrs Metcalf

Mrs Metcalf – Just Jan.

Some of you are aware of Mrs Metcalf but it doesn’t really matter either way.  She’s an elderly lady, probably in her late seventies or so.  I don’t like to ask her – it would definitely be a question she wouldn’t answer.  We have some interesting conversations – well, as long as you remember that she is normally a couple of sentences, or questions, behind.  So anyone listening who wasn’t aware of the situation could be totally confused.  

I’ll give you a couple of examples.  I ask her about a book which she borrowed from the library – and she tells me about her shopping.  I then mention a book I’m reading on my Kindle and she continues by saying that her grandson is coming to see her.  I love my Kindle, but Mrs M thinks that you take it to the library and bring back a different one with another book on it.  In other words you exchange Kindles and each one has just one book on it!  I have tried to explain that there are many hundreds of books which can be stored on a Kindle, but Mrs M says “you can only read one at a time” and that is the end of the subject.

There’s nothing wrong with Mrs M’s memory.  She seems to wander round to see me just about coffee time. She knows where I keep the biscuits and is very quick to point out when I’ve run out of shortbread again. I do enjoy her company and she always has the latest bits of gossip.  Not that I listen – not me!!  She also likes to go and feed the ducks on the local pond and regularly asks if I have any stale bread for them. I’m also instructed to cut it into small pieces – because it’s easier for the ducks.

Right, I better go now and think about what I’m going to eat later.  Salmon seems to be favourite for tonight.  Whatever you do, stay warm and cosy in this cold weather.

Thank you for being here.  As always –

With Love – Jan xx

The Start of Something Small

Well dear friends – this is a new beginning. Not just for me, but for all of us. I hope that you won’t be too disappointed with my ramblings. There certainly won’t be any deep and meaningful discussions within these contents.

Many of you are aware of how I reached this point.  However, in case anyone else has stumbled upon this page and hasn’t a clue what I’m wittering about, let’s try and bring you up to speed.

Until Sunday 21st October 2018 I lived with my dear husband in a beautiful area of South Lakeland, Cumbria.  As I am disabled Ian looked after me – he was my carer – in addition to having full time employment as a local politician.  During that Sunday afternoon my husband died suddenly.  From that time not only has my life changed, but it has also completely altered things for my wonderful son, gorgeous daughter-in-law and their very cute baby.

I realised very quickly that I wouldn’t be able to remain living in Cumbria.  It just wasn’t practical for any of us.  We decided that I would be more comfortable living closer to my little family, where they would be able to visit me without it taking up the majority of the day.  

Within a couple of weeks, we had the funeral, which wasn’t as bad as I had expected and Tim started looking for a new home for me.  We were exceedingly lucky that a flat was available a short distance from where Tim, Hannah and Charlie live.  

On 20th December 2018 I moved into a second floor flat which although has the sheltered accommodation tag, is actually at the lower end and referred to as “independent living”.  My little flat is wonderful.  I have a living room with an archway to a small kitchen – I also have a comfortable bedroom and a shower room.  It is perfect for my needs – it is very quiet, which is lovely.  I have my own front door and I can shut the world out on the other side of it.

As I said in my first sentence – this is a new beginning.  Once I get a little moreorganised I will be back and giving details of what goes on in my little world.  I do hope that you’ll join me otherwise I’ll be talking to myself.  Well – I am anyway – but you know what I mean!

I’ll go now, but thank you for reading – and for your support.  As always –

With Love – Jan xx

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