Dear Ladies, the Fairest of All to See…

Dear Ladies, you’re simply my cup of tea… yes my dear, I know it’s a really strange start to my little ramblings today, but with everything that has been going on in this part of the world, I wanted to bring myself back to earth. I know that you probably don’t recognise the words at […]

I Wish I had a Crystal Ball…

I know, my dear that today’s title sounds somewhat defeatist, but perhaps you will understand the further you read into this little post.  I have recovered from the talent contest and was really pleased with the reactions of the contestants and audience alike.  They seemed to thoroughly enjoy themselves and it was a great success.  […]

There are More Questions than Answers…

I know, my dear that the title doesn’t give much away – having said that, it’s a little how I’m feeling, just at the moment.  I would love to have answers to so many of the events which have occurred in and around this retirement complex.  I don’t necessarily need to know all of them […]

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