How do you Solve a Problem like?

Good morning my dears and it’s lovely to chat with you again.  I am somewhat exhausted today, but no doubt I’ll recover in a couple of days.  I’m sure you remember that when we last spoke, I was worried about the number of acts that were supposed to be performing at the Talent Contest last […]

There’s a Zebra Crossing on the zebra crossing…

So what, you may well ask, has that to do with anything.  Well, my dear, I’ve been mentioning the black and white crossing to get from this side of the road to the far pavement, and it’s come to my attention that there are five different types of crossing.  Now my dear if you know […]

Scene from my Window…as seen from my window

Well good morning, my dears – and it’s lovely to have your company today.  I’ve been thinking about you quite a lot over the past couple of days and decided that I’d like to give you a little insight into the world just outside Lavinia Court. You all know that I live in a wee […]

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