Words don’t come easy to me…

Well, my dear, that’s not strictly true – but I do appreciate that some folk struggle to find the words which are appropriate for the occasion.  More often than not they over-think it, rather than just saying what they mean! Oh, I’m really sorry my dear, I’m forgetting my manners – how are you this […]

I’d like to Teach the World to Sing…

Good Morning my dear and how are you today?  I’ve now recovered my equilibrium and gained my second wind in readiness for Round Two of this Talent Contest.  Yes, I know the heading of today’s wittering sounds a little dramatic.  It’s just how I currently feel after spending an hour of my life in the […]

How do you Solve a Problem like?

Good morning my dears and it’s lovely to chat with you again.  I am somewhat exhausted today, but no doubt I’ll recover in a couple of days.  I’m sure you remember that when we last spoke, I was worried about the number of acts that were supposed to be performing at the Talent Contest last […]

I want to be a prima donna…

Well no – I don’t, but the caterwauling which has been emanating from the day lounge where rehearsals are in full swing for the “Talent Contest” being held on Bank Holiday Monday, leads me to believe that there are several folk who consider themselves contenders for this title. What possessed Gordon to think that holding […]

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