Mrs. M is Home Again…

Well hello my dear and how are you today.  Yes, I know I haven’t kept in touch quite as regularly as usual, but with one thing and another, the days have been fairly running away from me.  I’ve picked up my phone to ring you on several occasions, only to remember something I was going to do.  In those situations I try to do them straightaway before I forget again!!   How are you this morning?  And the family – are they well?  Good, good I’m glad to hear it as there are all these nasty viruses which seem to be prevalent just at the moment.

Yes, Mrs. M is home and it was lovely to see her the other day.  I must admit that I’ve missed her, although of course I wouldn’t say anything to her specifically.   She does seem to be much more fragile than when we went on our Scottish trip.  I know she had her fall, but it does seem to have knocked the stuffing out of her.  That and her unexpected trip down to London while the police officers took over her flat.

I asked her about the time she spent at the safe house.  She said it was actually a flat – in a lovely, residential street with many similar Georgian properties.  There was a concierge at a smart reception desk so anyone coming to visit any of the flats had to sign themselves in and then reception contacted the residents to tell them that they had visitors.  Any parcels that arrived were signed for by reception and then brought up to the flat, which was very convenient.

It all sounded very good and Mrs. M was comfortable there.  Whether anyone was aware it was a safe house or not, she wasn’t sure.  There was a panic button in each room, but she obviously didn’t need it, and she was advised that it was only to be used in an emergency.  No-one actually specified what kind of emergency – but Mrs. M said everything was fine.  Apparently she had a visit each day just to check that she was OK, and she was given a couple of phone numbers to call if she was concerned about anything.

When she had been there a couple of days, the local police officer who was popping in on her and whom she became quite friendly with, asked if there was any close relative she would like who could come to stay with her for a little while.  Mrs. M rang Bertie, her brother, and he immediately said that he’d be happy to join her for a few days, and he would do a little Christmas shopping while he was there.

He came down by train the next day and the police arranged for someone to collect him at the station and drove him to the flat and introduced him to the concierge.  Bertie then signed the visitor’s book and the police officer took a couple of copies of his signature too – why I haven’t a clue, but they obviously needed them on file.  No, don’t be silly dear, of course I haven’t any photos of the interior – it’s meant to be a safe house!!

As Mrs. M had discovered the joys of daytime television, Bertie took himself off to a couple of museums – I think she said the Natural History and the V & A, both of which he really enjoyed.  He also did a little Christmas shopping for himself and for Mrs. M, who was still a little wobbly on her legs.  After being there for quite some days, and not hearing anything further, Bertie had a chat with a Detective Inspector to try to find out how long they needed to stay there.    A few days’ later they were told they could go, but they didn’t really want Mrs. M coming back here, just at that time, as things were happening!!

Mrs. M and Bertie discussed the situation and decided they would go back to Bertie’s home in Edinburgh and Mrs. M would stay there until after the Christmas and New Year festivities had passed.  Mrs. M then had a cold, so stayed there a few extra days.

Bertie brought her home last weekend and I arranged for her to have some fresh items in her fridge – enough to get by with for a few days.  Additionally, I knew I had plenty in if she needed anything.  A short time after arriving here she texted me to let me know she was back, so I invited her round for a cup of tea.  She was delighted and wandered down a few minutes later.  It was then I noticed how much she appeared to have changed.  I think that, although she said she was fine, all the events of the past few months have caught up with her.

I persuaded her to go to the pharmacy at the early part of last week.  They took one look at her wrist and said they didn’t think it was “right”, which is what I thought.  A taxi picked her up from the pharmacy and took her the short drive to the hospital, where they did some x-rays – and as I suspected, it was broken, but in an awkward place which didn’t show up on all of the films.  However, they managed to get a clear enough image eventually, so now she is sporting a lightweight cast on her arm in a fetching shade of pink!

Mrs M was pleased to know the reason why it had felt uncomfortable, but has been told that as it was left for rather a long time, it may not completely revert to normal, and she might not get the full range of movement that she had before.  However, for an ‘old bird’ she’s not doing too badly.  She still looks much thinner than before everything which has gone on over the past few weeks and of course, she’s not been able to potter around the same in in Edinburgh as she normally does here.

However, she’s back home again, and I think she was pleased to see me again.  We had a lovely cup of tea and some shortbread biscuits and have repeated it a couple more times during the week.  Oh yes – she may be a little more dotty, but she never misses a trick!  In her words “it’s such a shame that I can’t knit just now!  I’d really like to have a waistcoat just like the one you’re knitting!”  Conned again – and of course I walked straight into it by leaving my needles, pattern, together with the yarn on one of my coffee tables when she arrived a few minutes early.  Oh well, it has been a very quick knit, so I suppose it couldn’t do any harm to knit another one…

I think that’s brought you up-to-date about Mrs. M and her current situation.  I have put some of her shopping on my order, and Giselle had said that she’ll take a few bits around in a couple of days.  Talking about G, she’s also got the “Wedding of the Year” well in hand and has talked with Jane on several occasions, which is wonderful.  The only thing remaining on my “to-do” list is clothes shopping with Georgie but neither of us are very enthusiastic just at the moment.  We don’t know why – it may be the time of the year, and may also be that we don’t fancy getting changed several times while we try things on.  I’ve suggested that we look in a couple of catalogues and online to see if there’s anything which may fit the bill.  It’s got to be worth a try – nothing venture, etc.

Right now, Alex this conversation has been rather longer than I planned, but I’m sure you understand that I wanted to bring you up to date with everything.  Please give my love to Chrisssie and the girls.  I know I’ll be seeing you all again soon, but until then.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. How lovely to hear that Mrs M is back, although I’m sorry that her wrist is indeed broken. Hopefully the long delay won’t have caused too much long term damage. Maybe being back in familiar surroundings and some nice treats will have her looking and feeling better.
    Yes, you have walked yourself into making another waistcoat. I’ve had it happen to me, and you don’t realise what you’ve agreed to until later, do you. Never mind, it’s nice to be able to help, isn’t it.
    I think that looking at some catalogues for wedding outfits is a great idea, and don’t forget that a lot of big stores have websites too, you might see something you like without having to leave home, and you can try things on in the comfort of your own home.
    Enjoy your armchair shopping. X


    1. Thanks Frances – I completely agree – it’s so easy to leave things lying around that you don’t think about at the time. Yes, there’s always some knitting by my chair. However, I had forgotten that Mrs. M didn’t know about this WIP and would home in on it! To be honest I’m quite happy to knit one for Mrs. M.
      You are quite correct, and I still don’t realise how easy it is to buy clothes online. I often buy items from M & S so why I don’t think of other stores so readily I haven’t a clue. I will make a conscious effort this week to look at several sites and show anything which I think may be suitable, to Georgie for her opinion. xx


  2. I’m pleased to hear that Mrs M is back. She certainly hasn’t wasted much time in talking you into knitting her a waistcoat – clever lady. So her wrist is broken – I’m not surprised that’s exactly what happened to me. X-ray showed nothing initially, but the bone I broke is a hidden one. I think that would be a good idea to look for wedding outfits on line. You can then try them on in the comfort of your own home and returns are so easy these days. No trying on in communal changing rooms which is horrible. I was going to say that with Mrs M back you now have your ‘partner in crime’ back, but maybe that’s not very appropriate. Take care Jan xx


    1. Hi Maggie – lovely to hear from you again. No, I hate these communal changing rooms and have every intention of avoiding them. I don’t think at our age we should be subject to them anyway. Even younger women who don’t have perfect figures – and who does – can feel intimidated by them. Choosing at home and returning the unsuitable and/or ill-fitting garments may sound like a bit of a faff, but it’s worth it to save the time and travelling expense. I do have a couple of the larger catalogues which I ordered just after moving here. Although they offer credit, I don’t use it and pay in full when I receive the statement. The advantage though is that I can choose several items without it costing me anything – part from postage – and then decide which I’m happy with. They have a huge choice of well-known brands and I think their prices are fairly reasonable.
      Talking about Mrs. M, and I am pleased that she’s back. Possibly “partner in crime” is taking it a little far, but I know what you mean. I’m pleased that she now has an accurate diagnosis and that hopefully the arm will soon begin to feel better.
      Yes, I walked into the waistcoat situation. with Mrs. M; however, I know that at least I won’t need to watch her making a hash of it. It should only take me about a week, once I’ve ordered some yarn, which I may do tomorrow. I’m also looking at getting some new interchangeable needles, probably the KnitPro wooden Symfonie and Cubits, which I’m sure will help the cramp situation. The metal of the Addi needles was causing me a real problem. I should go and choose some yarn and then I can complete my waistcoat in peace. xx


  3. How lovely of you to make sure Mrs M had plenty of supplies in when she got home – it sounds as though Bertie looked after her over Xmas but he must be relieved to know you are there when she is back at home. Shame about her arm but wrist breaks can be notoriously difficult to spot on X-ray – ask me how I know 🤣


    1. Lovely to hear from you Hazel – yes, it is nice to have Mrs. M home. It felt slightly odd without her. My left wrist has been broken twice – a definite nuisance. I assume you’ve also had a problem with a broken wrist – they do take a long time to become normal again. xx


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