I Love to go a-Wandering…

Well, my dear it’s lovely to be speaking with you again.  Are you feeling completely well again?  That’s good as I appear to have started with a little cold.  It’s nothing to worry about, but it’s just a bit of a nuisance.

I know it’s a little strange for us to be speaking in this way – however, it’s much better than sending you a letter.  Goodness knows when it would arrive – probably three weeks after I was home!  The fact that there isn’t a post box within convenient reach doesn’t assist us either.  However, that’s just a little issue and of no importance at all.

Thank you for asking, we had a wonderful journey – well, two separate trips, to tell you the truth.  I’ll go back to the beginning so you know exactly how we travelled here. 

Eventually Mrs. M had packed everything she would need – plus the kitchen sink – in readiness for our little holiday.  She collected her skirts from the drycleaners, only to decide that neither of them was suitable!  I ask you! We delayed everything so she could have them available.  Anyway, at least she won’t be worrying about them sitting in the drycleaners and the possibility of them being lost. 

We have discovered that neither of us wear trousers.  We both have leggings for wearing in our homes – quite often under a skirt in the colder months.  We have decided to buy some jogging bottoms – they seem to be quite smart nowadays and not simply worn for very casual occasions at home.  They are called loungewear or leisurewear and available in a vast choice of styles and fabrics with many different styles of jackets or tops.  Apart from buying one of those, we’ve also decided to buy a pair of smart trousers which can be worn at any time.

Sorry my dear, I’ve wandered off topic again.  You know you’re supposed to keep me on the straight and narrow!  Anyway, we made sure that Mrs. M had more than enough clothes in her suitcase to last about four weeks!  I kid you not – why she thinks we’ll need three evening dresses and accessories I have no idea – but I decided to bite my tongue!  It was quite sore after that, I can tell you.

We had arranged for a car a driver to take us to Glasgow where we were staying the first night.  It’s just as well that he had a large vehicle.  Between us there were three huge suitcases, my wheelchair and sundry small bags too.  However, Bob the driver was very amenable and just laughed at the amount of luggage we were taking.  Fortunately it fitted comfortably in the boot of his car.  I sat in the front of the car with Mrs. M sitting behind the driver so I didn’t need to twist round too far in order to have a conversation with her.

We decided to break the journey at Gretna services on the M6 which is about 130 miles from here, which should have taken a little over two hours without any delays!  However, there had been a couple of accidents and several road works so it actually took about three hours.  We were both ready for a quick trip to the toilets and then decided to have a little snack while we were there.  Bob was quite happy to get himself a drink and have a read. 

We were actually there for about 45 minutes as Mrs. M decided she’d like to buy a few magazines and a couple of puzzle books and as the shop was quite busy it took a little longer than we expected.  However, we were soon on our way again for the second part of the drive which should only have taken about ninety minutes as it was less than one hundred miles.  In actual fact it was nearer to two hours later before we opened the car doors at the front of the small, but elegant, hotel where we were spending the night.

I must say that it was a lovely place and all the staff were most obliging. We had decided to share a twin bedded room as it was only for one night and to eat in the restaurant as we didn’t want to go out again. We enjoyed a lovely meal with scallops to start and then salmon fillets in a light sauce with vegetables. Neither of us could manage dessert, but we both had coffee. By this time we were quite tired so went back to the room where Mrs. M switched on the television and I had a little read. As you know my dear, I don’t sleep too well so read for some time, while Mrs. M wore her eye mask as usual as she likes to sleep in a very dark room.


After a reasonable night Mrs. M made us a morning pot of tea.  It took me a little while to start moving, but there wasn’t any rush as Bertie, Mrs. M’s brother wasn’t collecting us till 11 am.  We had arranged to have breakfast in our room which was lovely and gave us time to get organised.  We had settled our account after having our evening meal, before we came back to the room. 

We hadn’t opened the suitcases as we had both brought a small overnight bag containing the bits and pieces we knew we would need on our first night.  That made things much easier for us, as we had our toiletries and pyjamas handy together with fresh underwear and a clean top for today.  We both wore the same skirt and jumper for the remainder of the journey.

Bertie arrived promptly which was great.  I hate waiting around for people as I don’t seem to be able to settle at all.  However, that wasn’t a problem and Bertie and Mrs. M went downstairs with the cases etc. and to make sure they left enough space for my wheelchair. 

We were soon on our way and it was only a short journey to Loch Lomond – it’s just over thirty miles and the travelling time was just less than an hour.  We called in at the local village shop to buy some provisions for the first few days. Groceries would then be delivered to us, but we wanted to see how extensive the range of products available.  We were amazed at the variety of items – it was like a tardis – the inside appeared to be much larger than from outside!

We finally arrived at the cabin and it’s absolutely gorgeous.  The two bedrooms are of similar size which is good and the bathroom is a decent size too.  The furniture is extremely comfortable and there is everything we could possibly need including internet access!

Bertie went over to the hotel to have a chat with Freddie, the owner and have a catch-up with him.  They have been friends for many years and Bertie was looking forward to seeing him again.  Freddie was already aware of the situation, and knew that if anyone asked about me to say that he didn’t know me (certainly not by my usual name).  I’m using a different name here – Jennifer Williams, a friend of the owners of the cabin, staying here with a friend.

So my dear that brings us up to the present time.  I know this isn’t particularly exciting news today, but I promised I would speak with you as soon as I arrived so that you knew I was safely here.

We’ve now unpacked most of our things and put the suitcases away.  We have enough supplies of food for about four days, but will order more provisions by telephone.  So we don’t really need to go out if the weather is poor.  We have glorious views over the loch and have plenty of trees around us, so we are well sheltered.  The only thing is that the rain splatters from the trees onto the roof and makes quite a noise, but if it keeps us awake we can nap during the day.

Right my dear, Mrs. M is asking what I’d like to eat, so I better go and have a chat with her.  I’ll be back again soon to let you know if anything is happening.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Your cabin sounds absolutely lovely. I hope you can relax and enjoy the tranquility of your surroundings. X


  2. Sounds like a lovely cabin – and in a lovely location! Are there many more cabins around and are any of them occupied?


    1. Hi Hazel – it is great, and the location is wonderful. I think there are ten cabins in total – I may be wrong but that number rings a bell from somewhere. I think there may be some which are occupied, but as we haven’t been outside yet, I can’t really confirm. xx


  3. Pleased you are safely in your cabin and that it all appears to be ok. I can remember staying in a pine cabin on the shores of Loch Lomond many years ago. Beautiful spot. Have a good break and forget about events at Lavinia Court. xx


    1. Thanks Maggie – I am really pleased to be here. The break will do me good. I can relax, knit and read in peace – well, not really in peace as Mrs. M is here, but you know what I mean. It’s a glorious area and depending on the weather we may be able to explore – even if only up to the hotel. xx


  4. Welcome to Scotland and very near to where I live. 20 minutes no more. Enjoy your stay and message me if you need anything. A great wool shop in Alexandria called suzies if you need supplies x


      1. There is a great one on St Margaret’s drive in Glasgow, the Yarn Cake. Tea cake & indie yarns. We have been here on and off for 25 years (militarily family) but not moved for 11 years now


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