All I Want is a Room Somewhere…

Well, my dear, I thought I’d give you a little update before my forthcoming sojourn north of the border.  Sorry, yes, I did mean to ask how you are today – it just slipped my mind for a moment.  That’s good, as these colds can linger for quite a long time but if yours has completely gone now, you must be pleased.

Right then, let’s have a cup of tea while I give you the latest bits of news.  This was rather shocking – as I really hadn’t expected anything further to happen.  Obviously, whoever rang me the other day isn’t aware that I’m planning a short holiday, so that’s something.  However, the thing which did happen was entirely unexpected.  I received a note – it had been posted locally and was delivered by the postman in the normal way.  Of course, I hadn’t been anticipating this so, just tore the envelope open – as you do.  I did use my paperknife, as I prefer to open the envelope reasonably neatly, but my fingerprints were all over the envelope and the letter inside.

I didn’t think to photograph the note which was unfortunate.  I have just got a picture of the style of print – which was cut out of various magazines or newspapers.  I rang Julie, the policewoman and arranged to meet her at The Roasted Bean for a coffee.  We thought that would be better than her rushing round here.  She asked me to put the note and envelope in a plastic bag and pass it to her in a copy of a magazine which luckily, I had just finished reading.

A few minutes later I had a text from Teddy who said that she had heard from Julie and as she was free she would meet us both at the coffee shop for a snack.  I was delighted to hear from her, and really pleased that she could meet us again.

We decided to meet at 12.30pm which was quite early for lunch, but it would be before the coffee shop got too busy.  I sent them a quick text asking if they could reserve me a table for three in a quiet corner.  I had a reply a couple of minutes later indicating that would be fine.  I met the girls at the café just over the road and was pleased I had thought to book a table as they were already quite busy.  Once we had placed our orders – both Teddy and Julie decided to have smashed avocado with poached egg on toast, and I just had poached egg on toast, I passed the magazine to Julie which she popped into her large bag.  We spoke quietly, and as we were in a corner were fortunate that we couldn’t be overheard.  Julie said that both she and her boss were really surprised that I received a note, and particularly so quickly after the phone call.  The note itself was worded quite strongly, and Julie said that the people who had sent it obviously wanted to upset me – but from a distance.  The letter had a local postmark, but that probably wouldn’t help the police.  She was sure that there wouldn’t be any fingerprints, apart from mine.

The note said that this was the first warning – but it wasn’t; the phone call had been the first warning.  Either the person couldn’t count, or else he had got the note ready before actually deciding to make the phone call.  However, the point was that within 24 hours I had two threatening messages.  I felt that was rather unnecessary – in fact I could say it was overkill, but that wouldn’t be very appropriate!

We all enjoyed our lunch and I had a small piece of chocolate brownie afterwards – just to cheer me up! Once we had finished eating Julie left us and went back to work.  Teddy said she’d come back up to the flat with me, just to be sure that I arrived home safely.  The coffee shop is only about 100 yards from the entrance to the building, but I must admit that I felt better for having her there with me.  She came into the flat and stayed for another few minutes just checking that everything was as it should be.  She knows that we are travelling north in a couple of days and said for me to text her when we arrive at Loch Lomond.  I also gave her Mrs. M’s mobile number, just in case there was a signal failure – I understand that it can be a little patchy at times.

Teddy told me not to worry – that everything possible was being done to ensure my safety.  She said that the inspector – Julie’s supervising officer, had already spoken to an inspector at Forth Valley Division, Police Scotland, to advise them of the situation.  They weren’t anticipating any problems, but wanted them to be aware of my name, and to act accordingly if we needed to contact them.  That was a useful piece of information and I took comfort in knowing that the police were taking it seriously.

I am nearly ready to go now, my dear.  I have packed more than enough items of warm clothing to last a month.  Little bits and pieces of washing can be done at the cabin.  I have also downloaded lots of books for my Kindle and have remembered to pack the charging unit.  Fortunately it doubles as the charger for my phone too, which means I only need to pack one charging unit!  I’ve also packed circular needles in various sizes and plenty of yarn and a couple of patterns.  If necessary we will find a yarn shop and have a little expedition there.

So my dear, I’m ready – unfortunately Mrs. M isn’t as organised as me, and although she’s been home some weeks since her last trip, she still has a couple of skirts at the drycleaners which can’t be collected till tomorrow.  I’ve suggested she orders some books for her Kindle, but she said she’d do it when we are there.  Why – oh why wouldn’t you do it when you know you’ve got a wonderful signal and can put them onto her Kindle Unlimited account which allows her to have ten books at one time.  I’ve bought five books and also added another six or seven to my Unlimited account.  I’ve suggested that we buy a couple of magazines tomorrow and the TV guide as programme times may well be different, and there may be some programmes she’d like to watch.  I’m not too bothered about watching television, but there may be some interesting documentaries which we both enjoy.

I better go and make something to eat now, otherwise the day will disappear again.  I’ll be back again with you as soon as we arrive.  Yes, I know I need to take care, and yes I have that very loud whistle you very kindly bought for me.  Look after yourself, and we’ll be speaking again before you know it.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Oh dear, how scary to receive an anonymous letter, and how very cowardly.
    I hope that now you’ve been very organised with your packing for your upcoming holiday, you’ll be able to relax and enjoy it. You seem to have packed everything that I would consider essential, books and knitting. Have a lovely time. X


  2. Gosh Jan this seems to be getting more sinister by the day. I don’t like anything done anonymously- if someone has something to say they should come out with it. You are certainly organised with your packing – well done. Take care have a great time and be alert at all times xx


    1. Maggie – I wasn’t at all happy. I had just come to terms with the phone call and then this letter arrived. I don’t know what I’m supposed to have seen or heard! I’m looking forward to my little trip with Mrs. M. I hope that it will be a relaxing break. xx


  3. Enjoy your little holiday! Try not to worry while you are away. It seems the police have things well in hand and are taking it very seriously. (I realize this is fiction but wonder if you are really having a small vacation)


    1. Julia – I’m hoping that the flat will be untouched while I am away. I do have the hidden spy cameras, which will help if necessary. I’ll keep you updated from the cabin. xx


  4. You son must be very worried about you, why do they think you know something? I am glad the police are protecting you.
    If you need a yarn shop or any directions , just message me as I am only 20 mins away x


    1. Hi Lisa – I think that we are all rather concerned. Unfortunately I have no idea what they think I know. Thank you for the offer about yarn shops. That may be helpful. xx


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