“Fings Ain’t Wot they Used T’Be”…

Well, good afternoon my dear, it’s lovely to see you here again.  I’m in something of a reflective mood just at the moment.  I don’t know whether you remember the song which was sung by Max Bygraves.  Lionel Bart wrote the lyrics in 1959.  No – I thought not, as you’re far too young!  However, I remember it very well indeed.  Max Bygraves was an old style entertainer who was well-known for starting his act by saying “I want to tell you a story”…  There were quite a few all-round entertainers at that time.  Of course Bruce Forsyth was one of them and continued to present “Strictly Come Dancing” until 2014.

It’s very true that as you become older the days, weeks and months flash past without us blinking.  When we were young, do you recollect wishing that our birthday would soon be here, or Christmas, or a holiday – or even the weekend when we could play with our friends?  Now, times passes so quickly that events come and go regularly and then we’re hurtling towards the next one.

I’m sorry, my dear, I don’t intend to be downbeat.  I think it’s a side-effect of realising that a whole year has passed so quickly.  Of course, it’s the same for everyone but occasionally something pulls you up and makes you wonder where the time has gone.

Before I continue any further, I must ask how you are today?  I haven’t had much time to speak with you in the past couple of days, so it’s good to catch up.  I am pleased that you have finally shaken off that nasty cold which seems to have been with you for some time.

I do have some information to tell you.  It’s not headline news, but it is news!  We now have a date for Georgie and Billy’s wedding.  After much deliberation and trying to avoid busy times of the year – Easter springs to mind – the happy couple have decided that they would like Friday, 27th March 2020.  They had been considering early April, but Easter is rather late in 2020 with Easter Sunday being 12th April. As many schools break up on Friday, 3rd April it was decided that the end of March would be preferable.

So, Friday 27th March it is – which means that the reception will be held on Saturday, 28th March.  You may be wondering why the reception isn’t being held on the same day as the wedding?  There is a very good reason.  The wedding isn’t being held in the village.  It’s a little further to the venue where I have decided to hold the wedding itself.   I made the decision that it would be too much of a rush to try and cram everything into one day.  This way, it will be nice and relaxed for everyone.

I had originally planned to have the wedding on Friday, 17th April and the reception on 18th April – which is Georgie’s birthday; however that idea has also been scuppered by Easter being so late.  School children with their families will be travelling back that weekend after the break and there are likely to be quite a number of people in the place where I am arranging the wedding as it is quite a popular tourist destination.

However, I think the end of March will be ideal – hopefully the weather will be OK, although there isn’t ever any guarantee of that in the UK!  I have decided that Georgie and Billy will travel to the venue together on the Thursday afternoon.  We will have a relaxed dinner together on the Thursday evening.  On the Friday morning, both Georgie and I will have our hair done in readiness for the wedding at 2pm.  They will travel back here on the Saturday morning. 

I will hire a car and driver to take me there on the Thursday in the late morning, which will give me a couple of hours to make sure that there aren’t any last minute problems.  I’ll come back later on the Friday afternoon after enjoying afternoon tea with the couple after the ceremony.  There will just be six of us at the wedding as I know that Georgie and Billy didn’t want a formal service with lots of folk there.  However they were both enthusiastic about having a reception/party with their friends after the event.

By arranging it this way no-one will feel that they’ve been left out.  Many of their friends would want to attend if the wedding was on the doorstep – having it some distance away means that folk wouldn’t want to travel to be there, but will be more than happy to come to a “do” afterwards.

As I will be coming back on the Friday evening, I will be able to check that everything is ready for the reception on Saturday evening.  I am minded to hold it here as it will be easier to organise, although there are several other options available which I will consider before making a final decision.  The Roasted Bean doesn’t open to the public during the evenings so it would be possible to hold a private event there and I know they would accommodate us without question.  There are also a couple of small hotels where we could hire a room and they would arrange the catering too.  The Leisure Centre also has a lovely café which overlooks the beach and they would be happy for us to have the event there too.  There is plenty of parking available there, which is something else to consider.

However, if it could be held at The Roasted Bean or here in the lounge, parking wouldn’t need to be much of a consideration, and there is sufficient visitors’ parking available around the back of the complex.  There are also a few guest rooms available here for the small number of people who will be travelling.

I know there is plenty of time to arrange everything.  However, as I said at the beginning of this post, the weeks disappear very quickly.  It will be Christmas before we know it, and then March will soon arrive.  I don’t like leaving things to the last minute so will try to sort out as much as is possible within the next month. 

I do know that Georgie and I will need to go clothes shopping.  I think we will both need two outfits.  Georgie may even decide that she would like a third change of clothes to wear on the Friday evening, for dinner after the wedding, when I am on my way back here.

Billy will need a suit for the wedding and that may take a little time.  I knew it would need to be specially made, and he has already agreed to that.  I had a little conversation with him the other day.  Georgie had gone to make us another cup of tea and while she was doing that I told Billy what I wanted him to wear; he agreed immediately.  I didn’t say why or where – and I told him not to ask me!  I also told him not to mention it to Georgie.

I really do need to start a new notebook with everything listed in there.  It’s much easier to have everything written down, otherwise I just forget.  In that way, at least when I do forget something I can just check my notes.

Well, my dear, although this hasn’t been anything startling, I hope you can tell that we are making some progress – at least with Georgie and Billy’s wedding arrangements.  I may have a little news on other matters in a couple of days.  I have been given a small piece of information, but asked to keep it to myself for a few days.  At this stage I’m not sure of the relevance of it, but it must be tied in somehow.  Perhaps there is more that I need to hear about so that it makes sense.

I really must go and make another drink as I’m somewhat parched.  I will be back soon and with more information.  As Always –

With Love – Jan  xx

Published by Jan

I'm retired, disabled and after sudden death of wonderful husband, have moved closer to my son, daughter-in-law and baby, Charlie. I live in sheltered housing at the bottom end of the scale called Independent Living. I had been in an online Knit and Natter group for a couple of years before Ian died and the members of the group were and still are a wonderful support to me. Since moving here I have now got my own little Facebook group where the members are now my friends and extended family. It was suggested that I write a blog - so here we are!!

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  1. Watch out Jan you will be a fully fledged wedding planner to the stars after this. Sounds like great thought has been put into making the happy couple feel at ease on their big day.


  2. First of all Jan, I too can remember the song and the multi talented Max Bygraves, I used to enjoy watching him.
    The ideas for the wedding sound wonderful, and I think that the idea of having the ‘do’ on a different day to the wedding is great. It gives them time to relax and enjoy the celebration. I see a whole new career ahead of you.


    1. Frances – I knew that you would remember him. Those types of entertainers don’t exist now, more’s the pity. I don’t actually want a career, I’m quite happy being retired. xx


  3. Loved Max Bygraves – used to sing “I’m a pink toothbrush, you’re a blue toothbrush” with my grandad when I was little, also “Gilly Gilly ossen pepper kastanella bogen by the sea-EE-EE-EE-eeeeeeee”! I am intrigued about whatever it is you want Billy to wear….and good on him for going along with it without knowing why!!


    1. Hazel – yes, “There’s a tiny house, by a tiny stream” etc. Max Bygraves was one of the great entertainers of his time – we don’t have them now. I think Billy knows that I wouldn’t do anything dreadful to him. xx

      Liked by 1 person

  4. OMG Max Bygraves Jan ‘ I wanna tell you a story’ ……… years ago my first in-laws were celebrating their Ruby Wedding and my MIL adored Max Bygraves so we decided to take them to see him in cabaret. Oh my goodness in cabaret he certainly wasn’t the all round family entertainer. Luckily my in-laws were broad minded and accepted it all, but my husband and I felt very embarrassed.
    So you have started planning the wedding of the year. Could this be the start of a new career?


    1. Maggie – thanks for telling me – it made me smile! I vaguely recollect hearing that many television entertainers watered down their acts for television. It’s a shame as many people who went to see them live would have done so because they liked what they saw on TV. Changing that could alienate quite a high percentage of the live audience. xx


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